KN95 Face Mask

Medical-Grade N95 Filter Mask reduces the risk to get infected.

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Do you know about COVID-19 ‘s popular science knowledge?

The answers to your most concerned questions about COVID-19 are here.

When do I need to wear a mask?

There is no need to wear a mask in an open space. You need to wear a mask to enter a crowded or confined place. In non-epidemic areas, the public is advised to wear disposable medical masks. Members of the public in areas with a high incidence of the epidemic are advised to wear medical surgical masks.

Can the mask with expiratory valve be used for prevention and control?

The valve of the mask is unidirectional and can prevent the inhalation of droplets containing the virus, thus protecting the wearer. However, suspected patients and diagnosed patients may expel droplets containing the virus and become a source of infection for walking.

How do the public choose masks?

In daily life, avoid close contact (within 1 meter), the public can choose to use a surgical mask, when close contact (within 1 meter) with patients or suspected patients, wear a medical protective mask (N95 or above).

Do ordinary people need to wear gloves?

Health workers are exposed to contaminants, so wear gloves. Outside the environment, the amount of virus that the average person is exposed to is limited, frequent hand washing is ok.

Can you contract the virus by touching animals?

Try not to come into contact with poultry, livestock and wild animals whose health condition is unknown. Try to reduce to the market where live poultry and wild animals are sold.

Suspect around the person infected with a novel coronavirus how to do?

If you suspect that people around you are infected with a novel coronavirus, you should first wear a mask and keep a distance from each other to avoid close communication with each other. Then you should suggest each other to wear a mask and go to the nearest designated treatment hospital for fever outpatient treatment.